Young Living Diffuser Orders: Important Order Updates

Important Young Living Holiday Diffuser Update

Your Dewdrop or Home Diffuser order may have been upgraded to contain a Desert Mist Diffuser!

Young Living Desert Mist Diffuser

We apologize for any delay you may be experiencing with order shipments. We know this is a very important time of year to get your products on time, and we’re doing all we can to ensure your orders arrive soon! Here are some important order updates that may impact you.

Dewdrop or Home Diffuser Premium Starter Kit (PSK) orders placed on or after November 24 and new orders placed for the Dewdrop PSK throughout December may be upgraded to contain a Desert Mist Diffuser instead of the Dewdrop Diffuser due to stock constraints with the Dewdrop. We should have all Dewdrop or Home Diffuser PSK orders currently listed on backorder status shipped out within a week.

December Dewdrop Diffuser PSK orders
The Dewdrop Diffuser is currently out of stock for single and PSK orders. However, the Dewdrop PSK item will continue to be available for purchase for new enrollees ONLY, and all Dewdrop PSK orders placed by new enrollees during December may be shipped with the Desert Mist Diffuser. To avoid confusion with the Race to the Finish promotion qualification and official rules, we’re leaving the Dewdrop Diffuser PSK available for new enrollees with the same item number and product name, though members may receive a Desert Mist Diffuser in place of the Dewdrop. Please be aware that APO/Military kits will not be affected by this change.

Home Diffuser update
Single-order Home Diffusers (not PSK) purchased on Black Friday that have not yet shipped will be replaced with an upgrade to a Desert Mist Diffuser and will begin shipping today.

The Home Diffuser PSK and Home Diffuser single item are being phased out and will no longer be available for purchase. However, Young Living offers many other great diffusers that we know you’ll love!

With these updates, please keep in mind that Member Services and support teams will not be able to determine which diffuser has been placed in each order and will not be replacing or exchanging orders based upon preference.

We thank you very sincerely for your patience at this time and assure you that you will see order status updates in your VO soon! 

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Looking Forward to Holding Young Living Classes In the New Year!

While we are all rushing around trying to get through the holidays. I’ve also been spending some quality time with myself busy reflecting.

Pondering my goals for the coming year if you will.

My theme for the coming year is "Growth."

I have decided this is the year that I NEED to start holding Young Living group meetings/classes from my house in NW Florida.

I WANT to expand my knowledge and share what I already know with others interested in how essential oils can benefit your health, home and happiness.

I’m hoping to hold my first meeting in the beginning of January.

Are there certain days that are better? Weekdays vs. Weekends?

[polldaddy poll=9889178][polldaddy poll=9889178]

I’m open to different class topic ideas. These are the ones I have jotted down so far.

Jan: Meet & Greet, Intro to Essential Oils, Everyday Oil Kit, Ningxia Red Challenge

Feb: There’s an oil for that! Essential Rewards, Uses, Joy

Mar: Healthy Home, Thieves All purpose Cleaner, Laundry Spritz

Apr: Pot Luck, Internal Oils, Cooking w/ EO’s, Balance Complete

May: Immune system boosters, Golden Touch, Bug Spray

June: Essential Oil Bracelet making

July: “Mens” Make & Take (Deoderant, Beard Oil)

Aug: Anti Stress Oils, Raindrop Kit

Sep: Thieves, Uses, ER,

Oct: “Fall Blend” Make & Take, Oils of the Bible

Nov: Natural Solutions Swap Meet

Dec: “Christmas Gifts” Make & Take

These are just a few options. The possibilities are endless. I know I personally would like to get an essential oil facial and a chance to play in some of the New SAVVY Makeup!

I want this to be a fun hands on experience for all involved. Please let me know if you are interested in joining us, there is a limited amount of space and I will need to know what supplies we might need.

We will have hand outs, samples, raffles, door prizes, etc., etc..

I am going to request a $5.00 donation from all current YL members to cover some of the cost of supplies. All non-YL-members are FREE. So bring a friend!

It would really be lovely if you would share this, please. If you know anyone whose interested in learning more about essential oils, please let me know. You can email me at

Stay tuned, I will be announcing dates and times soon.

Young Living Rocks

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Young Living Essential Oils December 2017 Essential Rewards PV Promos

Young Living December Promo

For more information, please sign up for my newsletter.

Get started today visit me Dixey #1375075 @ www.YoungLiving.Rocks.

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Join Us NingXia Red 90 Day Challenge

Get ready for the New Year!

After all the upcoming holiday celebrations it will soon be time to refocus and get back on the path to optimal wellness.

To help you, encourage you, motivate you, we are having a New Year  NingXia Red 90 Day Challenge!!

For 90 days you will drink a minimum of 2 ounces of NingXia Red antioxidant oil infused nutritional supplement. You will also receive benefits of being on the Essential Rewards Program by earning a percentage back of free points that can be used to purchase the products of your choice, reduced shipping and free loyalty gifts.

Prizes will be award every month for your participation as well as GRAND PRIZES of bottles of NingXia Red. You will be supported and educated by your Young Living Rocks Family in so many ways it will be hard not to feel the Love.

You will not want to miss one day of this Life Changing Challenge! You will not want to miss one day of restoring your full potential of living a vibrant life! Don't miss one day of providing every cell in your body absorbable oil-infused nutrition.
Get on your path to achieving your fitness goals starting January 1!

Don't miss one day of supporting your cognitive and mental wellness! Not one day of energizing your
inner and outer being with NingXia Red!

Get ready and order at least two bottles of NingXia Red in your December order so you will be ready to Rock It Out come January!

For details and to register contact your upline leader to register for this challenge.

Only Young Living Rocks members will be eligible for prizes.  This is a closed challenge just for you and your team members!

Join Young Living and get 24% off all future purchases.
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NingXia Red, Young Living, Cyber Monday 15% OFF

Celebrate the Holidays with a little Red!
Monday, November 27, 8 a.m., MT: 15 percent off online orders of select NingXia Red® products, with a limit of one each per account, and Vitality oils—plus a free gift! Click here for more details. Visit the Young Living Blog for recipes and ideas on how to host your own Club Red holiday party!

Grab your  NingXia Red & Vitality oils while they are 15% off.
Join Young Living and get 24% off all future purchases.
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To get started today visit me Dixey #1375075 @ www.YoungLiving.Rocks.
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